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World Cultural Psychiatry Research Review -- Vol. 6, N. 2 --
December 2011



Original Papers & Review Articles

Characteristics of first and second generation Asian mental health patients in Bolton, UK [228 kb]
Aqeel Hashmi, Neel Halder, Yaseen Aslam 95-101

Cultural sensitivity and scientific rigor of the Phenomenological method while studying Deliberate Self-Harm in a non-European culture [252 kb]
Christine Tusaba Kanyange, Seggane Musisi 102-111

Contemporary methods of torture and sexual violence Medical record analysis [306 kb]
Nasir Warfa, Kate Izycki, Edgar Jones, Kamaldeep Bhui 112-118

Mental health service utilisation amongst children and young people with intellectual disability in low income countries: systematic review [267 kb]
Glòria Durà-Vilà, Matthew Hodes 119-126

Cross-cultural attitudes and perceptions towards cleft lip and palate deformities [217 kb]
John Loh, Micol Ascoli 127-134


Psychotherapy and culture. Morita therapy: an illustration [242 kb]
Suk Choo Chang 135-145

Special Article

The hidden key
A content analysis to evidence the incommensurable differences in end-of-life decisions between Laic and Catholic bioethics. Analysis of the paradigmatic Italian situation [454 kb]

Ines Testoni, Arjuna Tuzzi, Marisa Cemin 146-157