World Cultural Psychiatry Research Review Vol.1, N.3/4




The influence of religion on psychiatric theories and practices [164 kb]
Goffredo Bartocci 106-113

Original Papers & Personal Communications

The influence of Jewish culture on cultural psychiatry [173 kb]
Ronald Wintrob 114-121

The influence of Catholic religion on Spanish psychiatry [163 kb]
Joan Obiols-Llandrich 122-127

Strictly orthodox Jews and their relations with psychotherapy and psychiatry [183 kb]
Kate Miriam Loewenthal 128-132

The Mystical roots of psychoanalytic theory [163 kb]
Simon Dein133-137

The popular conception of Madness, Jinon, in the context of socio-economic and historical development in Islamic societies [155 kb]
Riyad Al-Baldawi 138-142

The socio-cultural boundaries of Mental Health [163 kb]
Mohamed Fakhr El Islam 143-146

Prayers and healing in the Christian Tradition [152kb]
Armando R. Favazza 147-151

Witchcraft: fact or fantasy? [169 kb]
Raymond Prince 152-156

The pathoplastic effect of culture on psychotic symptoms in schizophrenia [313 kb]
Thomas Stompe, Hanna Karakula, Palmira Rudaleviciene, Nino Okribelashvili, Haroon Rashid Chaudhry, E. E. Idemudia, S. Gscheider 157-163

The question of the Mafia-style sub-culture role in female subordination. Traditional culture, religion and gender role representation in both emigrated and non-emigrated Albanian women
[345 kb]

Ines Testoni, Lucia Ronconi, Daniela Boccher 164-181

Conference report

Psychosexual disorders: from recognition to management [145 kb]
Kamaldeep Bhui, Nasir Warfa, Amanda Roberts, Mohamed Abdel Mawgoud 182-185

Review articles

Without roots. The West, relativism, Christianity, Islam. [211 kb], Ratzinger J, Pera M
Reviewed by Goffredo Bartocci